STARTEAM Global acquires Photronix Ltd.

Daniel Jacobs from Starteam Global shaking hands with Alan Millard from Starteam UK

Taking a stride forward, we are delighted to announce that STARTEAM Global has acquired Photronix Ltd, now operating as STARTEAM Global UK.

As we shift into this exciting new chapter, we will complement STARTEAM Global’s European sales, technical, quality labs, and warehouse operations in Germany and Italy.

To serve our UK-based customers, STARTEAM Global UK will offer warehousing, on-site quality inspections of boards, just in time delivery service and a dedicated sales and customer service support.

STARTEAM Global operates their own manufacturing site in China and is set to launch a new manufacturing site in Thailand this October.

With two manufacturing sites available and our experienced team, we can offer the best pricing strategy to effectively navigate the UK market, supporting all of our customers’ PCB requirements.

Alan Millard and Andy Lorimer standing at an exhibition in front of a Starteam Global stand showing a map of the world with Starteam office locations.

STARTEAM Global UK’s UK Sales Director Alan Millard (r) with Technical Manager Andy Lorimer (l).


STARTEAM Global is a trusted Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturer, technology, and solution provider, operating in 19 countries, with the UK becoming their 20th market.

Originally from Germany, STARTEAM Global has their own factory in China, complemented by several joint venture manufacturing plants, catering to all PCB technology needs. In the last year, the company has been expanding across the globe with 9 new sales offices.

With a success story that spans over 20 years in the automotive industry, the company has a wealth of technical knowledge and experience.

Currently, the company has ongoing projects in diverse sectors including the automotive, industrial, telecommunications, medical, consumer, energy and lighting.

Discover the world of STARTEAM Global and learn more about our exceptional solutions here.

Advantages of being part of STARTEAM Global

We are committed to continue providing exceptional service with the best prices in the UK market. The high-demand for quality in automotive PCBs will trickle down to other areas, guaranteeing top-tier quality for our customers.
We will continue to inspect every board at our UK headquarters in Sussex with our experienced technical team, providing everything from pre-sale support to delivery for our customers.

Being part of STARTEAM Global means we gain significant, bulk discounts on freight transport, resulting in cost savings that we pass straight on to our customers.

Committed to sustainability

At STARTEAM Global, people and society are our top priorities. We are committed to maintaining a safe, healthy, and inclusive environment with the highest ethical standards for both work and life.

We have appointed a certified global Sustainability Officer who leads our CSR initiatives, orchestrating ESG efforts throughout our entire organisation – from our factory floors to our supply chain.

Aside from complying with legal obligations and fulfilling stakeholder’s expectations, we are integrating sustainability into all facets of our business, continuously assessing our performance against set targets, and maintaining transparency.

Competing on a level playing field in the UK

STARTEAM Global UK’s UK Sales Director, Alan Millard, said: “As STARTEAM Global UK management, the operations of this location will continue to provide local customers with PCB sales, engineering, quality control, technical support, plus our continued warehousing services, for prototypes, small batch, and medium order requirements.

STARTEAM Global UK in Worthing is now also STARTEAM Global’s UK sales office for mass volume PCB requirements supplied directly from Asia to customers’ PCBA manufacturing locations.

We welcome this opportunity to compete in the UK market on a level playing field”.

A glimpse into precision: our PCBs on display

STARTEAM Global’s Chief Commercial Officer, Franco Raffa, also added: “We are delighted to have expanded our operations into the UK market and are looking forward to approaching UK based customers. We are confident that the market will be receptive of our products and services which have made us so successful around the world. With the addition of Custom Products to our portfolio of products, we are excited to meet the market’s technical needs”.
Looking ahead, we are excited about the growth in the UK market, delivering solid value to our customers, and making monumental strides.

PCB Enquiries

For any enquiries about PCB manufacture call STARTEAM Global UK on 01903 231901 or email