STARTEAM Global UK were founded as Photronix Ltd by Alan Millard in 1997.  They were acquired by STARTEAM Global in 2023 and are a leading UK printed circuit board supplier.

STARTEAM Global have manufacturing sites in China and Thailand which allow us to offer the best pricing in the UK market, and our experienced UK team based on the south coast will support all your PCB requirements.

STARTEAM Global UK continue to offer just-in-time warehousing, on-site quality inspections of boards, plus sales and customer service for UK-based customers.

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Flexible payment terms

We offer flexible payment terms and have a stock-holding facility which means we can offer ‘just in time’ delivery services.  We only invoice when stock is released, making cash flow easier to manage for our customers.

The STARTEAM Global factories in China and Thailand are complemented by several joint venture manufacturing plants elsewhere which means we can meet all PCB technology needs.

Quality is our priority

STARTEAM Global UK supplies cutting edge products which utilise 6 Sigma Quality Control and we hold NADCAP aerospace approval.  All boards are inspected by our UK-based team prior to being shipped to customers.

If you would like a quote then talk to our expert UK team today to discuss your requirements.

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Overhead shot of the inspection area showing two men inspecting printed circuit boards.

Decades of experience

Many of the STARTEAM Global UK team have been involved in the manufacture of printed circuit boards since the 1980s.  We understand the production process and are committed to the highest levels of customer service.

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Top Customer Satisfaction Rating

We are proud of our 99% customer satisfaction rating, proving that we deliver a top service as well as quality printed circuit boards.

Speak to our team today to find out how we can support your business.

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Adhering to the highest standards

We have recently installed an ESD Protected Area to ensure assembled boards are not compromised when they are inspected by our team.

The measures we take to ensure that boards are handled safely will give customers confidence that we can work on their products without damaging components.

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Our board types

Semi-Flex / Flex To Fit

Semi-flex circuits offer a low cost alternative to conventional flex-rigid technology, avoiding the need for traditional connective materials which can increase the cost of assembly.

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Polyimide flex circuits are thin and light, having the ability to be folded and positioned into the smallest area.  This makes them ideal for applications such as wearable devices and pacemakers.

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RF Boards

RF Microwave, radio frequency and microwave PCBs are designed for medium to extremely high frequency using a range of material such as PTFE, ceramics and epoxy glass.

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Flex Rigid

Using a combination of flexible and rigid technologies, these PCBs are used in applications where space is at a premium.

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High Density Interconnect to 6-N-6 with stack blind and buried microvias to achieve a higher wiring density.

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Traditional rigid printed circuit boards are a robust, low cost option and perfect for automatic assembly production.

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Strong, lightweight and low cost; aluminium boards offer increased heat dissipation with great durability.

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Industries We Serve

A car headlight powered by lights which use high performance printed circuit boards


% on time or early deliveries

We are now meeting our expected delivery performance and working closely with the suppliers 


% average customer satisfaction

We are now meeting our expected customer satisfaction and still looking to improve


PCBs Delivered

Every year we deliver over 3,000,000 boards


Years experience

Our UK team has 140 years combined experience in PCB manufacture